Where I've been.....

I've taken a much needed hiatus from making necklaces. Sometimes making something and sharing it with others is really fulfilling and sometimes... well, it's just not. I have a lot of AMAZING customers who buy repeatedly and refer others, and I am truly grateful. There are a select few who have made this little business of mine somewhat frustrating and frankly, not fun. I decided when it wasn't fun, I wasn't going to do it.


I am still making necklaces for those who need something special for a loved one, friend or themselves. I am just not trying to grow this hand stamped jewelry business any longer. With the increase in orders, I have less time with my children (this is not a hobby you can do while your kids are napping... hammers kind of ruin it). If I'm going to spend less time with my children, it would REALLY have to be worth it, and honestly, what could be more important than my 3 boys....?

If you need to order, for now, you can send an email with your requests to:

alittlepearl @ yahoo . com



  1. Totally get it! I'm glad I'm your sis in law, so I can still partake in talents!

  2. Oh no! Did I add to the frustration and unfun? Your jewelry is awesome and my MIL loved her necklace. Thanks so much for helping me out. I understand though, its hard when something takes away from your little ones. They are WAY more important.

  3. Just send your kiddos over to play and then you can work for a few hours with out feeling guilty!
    PS....We need a LL night! When are you free?

  4. hey ashlee or amber?

    i'm not sure exactly who this is but i wanted to respond to a comment you made on my blog. that was so kind of you to say those nice words. i thought you were a different ashlee but now i was confused that it took me to this site when i clicked on your name in my comments and here it says amber. ha. remind me how we know each other or how you found my blog.

    p.s. LOVE the jewelry. are you still doing it? i would love a necklace.

    hopefully you get this message. i don't know how to respond. :)


  5. i was logged in under my other account but you can click on this one too.

  6. oh. nevermind. it won't log me out.


  7. Awesome blog.......!! I think that Hand stamped jewelry can be a gift for forever that loves by everyone.