I was contacted a little over a month ago by Shabby Apple. They wanted to be an affiliate for my page, and of course I said yes! I love their new skirts! If you know me at all, you know that I am anti-layers. I feel claustrophobic and hot, even in the winter. I love the skirts below paired with simple tops... I would TOTALLY wear these combos.

Shabby Apple is offering 10% off for you gals on all of their "Red" dresses if you use code 'RED'. Click above and start shopping!


Blog Love | Small Fry

Hello friends! It's been awhile. Sorry! Life has gotten in the way... 4 boys are definitely keeping me busy. I promise to be better (just like I promised to give up Dr. Pepper... not working out so well).

I've followed Emily Frame's blog forever now. She is hilarious and I LoVe her style.

When I found out she had a Pinterest, I obviously followed her. Instagram account? Uhhh, yes please! And now she has started Small Fry with some friends.

 I die over the creativity oozing out of these girls. Although, looking at their blog may make you feel like a lame mom who never does anything with her kids, so be forewarned.

 You need to head over and check their new blog out

 You're welcome


*All images from Small Fry Blog


25% off Fanciful Frames!!

Okay seriously, how cute are these frames by Fanciful Frames???!!!

Pretty sure we all need at least one of these in our homes and Fanciful Frames is offering 25% off through tomorrow (that is an AWESOME discount!).

I'm always looking for ways to incorporate color into my home (especially now that I have NOTHING on my walls) and this would be a great way to do that.

Head on over and use the code ROCK to get 25% off your order. With all of the color choices, I'm pretty sure you can find something that you would LOVE to put in your home!!


Now how cute is this fabric necklace?

Sooo super easy... I'm going to try it. I'm sure I have plenty of jersey tee's that can be donated to the cause... I'm only getting bigger and bigger.

I'm really counting on Sydney from the DayBook to give me some maternity dress suggestions. We are due around the same time and I'm pretty sure she won't go for something that looks like a frumpy-old-woman dress...

Houndstooth?! Yes please!!


Back on Etsy!!

I am back on Etsy selling necklaces! If there's a necklace you'd like but do not see, please let me know!


A new chapter is beginning in my family. Baby BOY number 4 is on his way AND we moved!! I am so excited to have a fresh start!

Now I need to decorate a house double the size of my old one (and I didn't decorate my last house at all) and I need to pump myself up to buy boy stuff for the 4th time. Good thing I can always rely on Baby Gap to provide me with some cute baby boy clothes.

I have tons of pictures saved on my computer of things I'd LOVE to do with my new home but I'm pretty sure I don't have an unlimited budget.

 Image via TradHome
 Jonathan Adler

Jonathan Adler never disappoints

Anyone have good DIY projects? I need some because I can't afford half of the stuff in the pictures! Stay tuned!


Where I've been.....

I've taken a much needed hiatus from making necklaces. Sometimes making something and sharing it with others is really fulfilling and sometimes... well, it's just not. I have a lot of AMAZING customers who buy repeatedly and refer others, and I am truly grateful. There are a select few who have made this little business of mine somewhat frustrating and frankly, not fun. I decided when it wasn't fun, I wasn't going to do it.


I am still making necklaces for those who need something special for a loved one, friend or themselves. I am just not trying to grow this hand stamped jewelry business any longer. With the increase in orders, I have less time with my children (this is not a hobby you can do while your kids are napping... hammers kind of ruin it). If I'm going to spend less time with my children, it would REALLY have to be worth it, and honestly, what could be more important than my 3 boys....?

If you need to order, for now, you can send an email with your requests to:

alittlepearl @ yahoo . com