Still alive and kicking... enjoying our last week of summer vacation before the kids start school. It's definitely cliche to say but time really does seem to fly the older my children get. I really enjoy being able to stay home with them and watch them grow... wish they made a pill to stop that (the growing that is!).

I made this necklace for a good friend's birthday and love how it turned out. She's a little bit funky mixed with a lot of polish (don't even get me started on the cleanliness and organization that goes on in her house... it'd make you depressed, amazed, motivated, realistic and back to depressed all in one shot). Love ya AC!


  1. The funny thing is.... I am totally reorganizing my craft cupboards and decided to take a break to check some blogs... then I read this post and laughed... thanks for the necklace (I have threatened Jo that if she touches it she is dead meat)... I love it so much. And thanks for the compliments too. I'll let you take a peak at my closet tomorrow to make you feel better (it is a disaster). Btw for some reason I have glitter all over my hands (just noticed that as I was typing).

  2. OMG ... is that a CAMERA on that necklace? If so, I must have it!

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  4. What happened to your etsy shop??


  5. Hi M!

    I'm taking a Etsy hiatus for now. I had so many orders and no time with my children! If you want to order something, you can contact me using the button at the top of the page!